• Sassafras Parrot Swing


    Sassafras Parrot Swing

    This unique and hand-crafted swing is designed to have a contemporary, artistic style through the use of soft radius corners.

    Product Specifications: 

    • Anodized aluminum finish with soft radius-curved is unharmed by environmental factors and it is extremely durable and totally safe for birds. There are no welds for the birds to fatigue and brake
    • Sassafras wood is used for perch. Note that the the acorn nuts for removing and replacing the perch and adding toys to the swing are at the bottom where it is accessible to you but hidden from the bird's view.
    • Sassafras Parrot Perch come in three sizes: Small for Conure size birds, Medium for Amazons or Grey size bird and Large for large and extra large birds such as Cockatoos and Macaws. 
    Sassafras Swing is Designed and Manufactured by Bennett IMPS LLC