• Parrot Table Top Perch by Bennett

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    Parrot Table Top Perch by Bennett - FREE SHIPPING

    This unique and hand-crafted parrot table top perch is designed to have a contemporary, artistic style through the use of soft radius corners.

    Product Specifications:
    • Anodized aluminum finish with soft radius-curved is un-harmed by environmental factors and it is extremely durable and totally safe for birds. There are no welds for the birds to fatigue and brake 
    • Sassafras wood is used for perch on both sides of the stand, they can be adjusted by height as well as swivel, they can also be replaced or removed from stand for easy cleaning. Sassafras wood is a bird favorite wood and safe for birds
    • The removable polycarbonate on base makes  clean up easy
    • Bird dishes  can be placed as high or low on rail